GOLF BUDDY GPS - Did not honer warranty

Sarasota, Florida 1 comment
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Bought brand new in sealed box, had problems 2 months later and they refused to warrant it because I bought on ebay.Charged me $50 to repair it and another $30 in shipping.

Golfbuddy Platnuim GPS is a good product just poor customer service. I had contacted them several times and they keep asking for the same information and still no customer satisfaction.

I bought on May 17, 2012 for $229 and expect a company to stand behind thier product and provide understanding customer service.I have been in customer service myself for over 25 years and always did what was needed to make the customer my top priorty

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Sarasota, Florida, United States #587783

Still no response from them. Don't buy and "Golfbuddy" products you'll be sorry


Calgary, Alberta 0 comments

I purchased a Golf buddy GPS on Amazon, trough a 3rd party, Deve's Big Deals. The devise is defective after using it twice. Neither Amazon or Deve's want any part of refund, or replacement. I paid US$230.00 Dont' puchase this piece of @$#$$ GPS it's garbage!!!

Don't purchase anything from Deve's big deals, they are crooks, Where's the consumer's right to return a defective product. I feel that I was taking for a bumpy ride. They will hear from my lawyer! And the manufacturer is giving the consumer 90 days on this piece of *** GOLFBUDDY GPS product? They can do better that this! Please manufacture products up to North America standards!!

One pissed customer!!

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